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Your business is unique.
That’s why we built a customizable CRM solution that grows and evolves according to your needs. Fireberry provides you with the power and flexibility to tailor and fine-tune every aspect so you can create a perfect fit for your exclusive business.

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Flexible & Customizable

Adapt the CRM to your unique business processes, workflows, and terminology.

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User-Friendly interface

Make CRM usage easy and intuitive for higher adoption rates and optimized use.

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Efficiency & Productivity

Streamline processes to eliminate grunt work and improve productivity.

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Intelligent Decision-Making

Capture relevant data points to make informed and meaningful decisions.

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Personalize and Customize

Tailor your CRM to your specific needs and preferences. Easily adjust to fit your industry, organization, role and personal choice. Change, switch, modify, order and tweak the layout, components, text, forms, customer cards, rules and fields for any role you have. Customize your content notes by leveraging our AI suggestions.
Remove the friction and costs that accompany using a rigid CRM and drive efficiency and productivity that let you focus on your go-to-market.

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Display All and Only the Information You Need

Throw rigid page layouts and forms out the window.
Customize and edit your view and forms to display only relevant information. Showcase all the relevant information for your work by adding as many components as you need.
Minimize noise by ensuring irrelevant fields and confusing components are not displayed.  

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Easily Track Opportunities

Measure any and all activities to easily unveil what is working and where you need to prioritize efforts. Customize dashboards to track opportunities, records, accounts, data, and more.
Easily visualize which stage you are in through pie charts, parameters, tables and other formats, customize content with AI, and get a clear view of how you are progressing.

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The Power of Code,
No Code Needed

Enjoy the ability to build the CRM of your dreams without having to write a single line of code. Powerful and easy-to-use no-code capabilities give you the flexibility and dynamicity to make your
UI - your own.

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Automate your customer service

CRM Usage Made Easy

Eliminate dependencies on data analysts and developers to simplify CRM usage and, ultimately, the sales process. Personalization ensures CRM usage is intuitive and productive.

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Rev Up Efficiency

Automation is the name of the modern game. Customize your automations to streamline your processes. Automate sales, marketing, services, and more. Just choose the relevant filters, objects, rules and triggers to fit your precise business process.
Increase productivity, save time and maximize on customer engagement opportunities.

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