A Unified CRM and Call Center Platform, Powered by AI

Improve customer service and get better business outcomes with instant access to comprehensive customer information. Increase efficiency with reduced call handling times, increased personalized interaction, & faster response times.

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Completely custom CRM call center workspace

Empower your system administrators to create tailored workflows and set specific access permissions for call center staff, including agents, shift managers, and executive leadership. You choose the settings. No coding needed.

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Agent virtual-desk

Customize workflows and set access permissions for call center agents based on their roles, IP addresses, and area codes. Give your agents access to the dialer and existing contacts, and create automations that add new numbers directly into the system. All the work can be done in one place. 

Shift manager workspace

Keep operations running smoothly and monitor performance targets with access to attendance logs, call logs, and call detail records (CDR). Easily coordinate with other departments to ensure that systems are functioning properly.

Executive dashboards

Drive operational excellence and business growth with robust reporting, customizable workflows, agent monitoring tools, and seamless integrations.  Identify inconsistencies, spot trends, and gain valuable business insights with customizable dashboards.

Get essential CRM call center features

Get the best of both worlds with call center CRM software. View all customer correspondence and updates in one place, streamline workflows, and integrate your favorite tools to get 100% buy-in from your team.

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Get a 360-degree customer view with call center CRM software

Boost your customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Align your team  with every customer interaction, whether they are calls, emails, or chats, captured and consolidated into one comprehensive customer profile. Get more personalized interaction,  more efficient issue resolution, and superior error prevention.

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Log and save all customer, vendor, and lead activities directly to their account in our CRM. The activity log is team-accessible, providing a 360-degree customer view, and can be customized for relevance.

Reporting and analytics

Get real-time insights into your call center performance, both operations and business. Make data-driven decisions for improved operational efficiency and enhanced service.


Seamlessly connect with other business tools, especially the ones your team already enjoys working with. Get better buy-in from your team  and boost overall efficiency and productivity with data-centralization.

Custom filters

Customize and save views in your system to quickly find and segment data for better reporting. With unlimited views, effortlessly tailor your data to suit your needs and enhance productivity.

Call Center CRM Pipeline Management

Gather, track, and nurture leads effortlessly in one centralized platform. Automate follow-ups and ensure all your data works together harmoniously.  
Empowering your business to grow efficiently.

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Workflow automations

Streamlines processes, reduces manual tasks, and ensures consistency in customer interactions, leading to improved efficiency and higher customer satisfaction in the call center.

Customize pipelines for unique workflows, ensuring that your sales process aligns with your business needs. Stay flexible and adapt your system to suit your requirements.

Create different teams with custom role permissions, unique pipelines, workflows, automations, dashboards, and reports. Tailor the system to each team's specific requirements for optimal efficiency and performance.

Create custom templates for lead capture on landing pages and campaigns for seamless tracking and integration in the system for streamlined follow-up.

Email sync (Google and Office 365)

Seamlessly integrate your Google or Microsoft email accounts, and manage emails from directly within the CRM. Stay organized and improve productivity with streamlined communication workflows.

See daily task reminders, easily accessible from the toolbar, to keep you on track no matter where you are in the system. Never miss a deadline.

Calendar sync

Our CRM offers a custom integration with Google or Microsoft Calendar, allowing you to sync events, appointments, and tasks effortlessly. Manage your schedule efficiently from the CRM, with a familiar interface.

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