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Fireberry CRM platform is the choice for leading global brands

Build your industry CRM with industry experts

Users love Fireberry

Lego-like modularity

“Fireberry's modularity and personalization is like Legos: each person builds the tool they need to do their job. As CEO, I have the ability to see a comprehensive overview of everything that is happening in the company.”
Shlomi Turgeman's profile image
Shlomi Turgeman
Founder & CEO, Be The Bank

Real time decision making

"Since everything is centralized in one dashboard,
I can make real-time decisions that save time and money.
Our sales have grown significantly since we've started using  Fireberry"
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Adva Davidi
Sales Manager, IL Makiage

Fireberry is your all-in-one CRM solution.

Manage and scale your business with established results:

Daily Closed-won

Accelerate Your
Simplify your business flows.

Track all partner details, notes, and outstanding or completed tasks in one place.

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Get Data-
Driven Insights
Make informed decisions with real-time analytics.

Our tools provide you with the insights you need to understand your market and outperform your competition.

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Your Time is Precious Automate your business processes with Fireberry.

Our platform automations simplify your workflow, freeing up your time (and mind) for tasks that can’t be automated.

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Pay for One Solution
No need to buy multiple microservices.

Fireberry provides a solution for your marketing, sales pipeline, support tickets, and task management.

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Get Everyone on the Same Page
Foster a collaborative work environment

with our easy-to-use communication tools. Keep your team connected and productive, wherever they might be.

Stay Updated
Keep business opportunities at your fingertips

Download the Fireberry app on your smartphone. Get access to real-time business insights with the Fireberry app, anywhere you go.

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