Smarter sales management & faster lead management

With Fireberry you no longer need to juggle between multiple tools. Manage all your sales and leads from one platform and max out your revenue.

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Pipeline to Success

Create your one-of-a-kind sales pipeline; define sales stages and drag & drop them dynamically. Check the status of each lead, prioritize accordingly, and move qualified leads down the sales funnel.

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From Leads to Sales,
It's Easy!

Manage leads from different sources in one centralized platform. Keep track of the lead source and campaign performance. Customize your pipeline, drag and drop components, and change it as you need.
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Track Your Team's Performance

Assign leads to sales reps in seconds and oversee the sales process from A to Z. Create forecasting reports with ease and gain insights into deals status, expected revenue and team’s performance.

Visual dashboards

Automations to Keep Sales Reps Eyes on the Ball

Automate reminders for everyday tasks, so your team is left with less time for admin and more time for sales. Set up automatic lead routing to ensure leads never fall through the cracks, and follow up on hot leads.
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See the Bigger Picture

Fireberry's super visual dashboards gives you a bird's-eye view of your sales journey. Keep track of your leads, prioritize tasks, and improve your workflow. Change views in just one click for different purposes, and share dashboards with others.


Sell on the Go

Use the Fireberry app and gain a constant stream of information to help you manage your business from wherever you are. Download the Fireberry app to your smartphone and never miss a business opportunity.
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