The Future of Call Center Technology: What Managers Need to Know

Is your call center technology keeping up with the times? Rising customer expectations and relentless technological advancements are changing the call center as we know it — and fast. Gartner predicts that by 2025, four out of every five customer service organizations will use generative AI to enhance agent performance and better meet customer expectations.1 Falling behind on trends like these could mean longer wait times, frustrated customers, and, ultimately, lost revenue. That’s why we’re here to clue you in. Below, we explore five predictions for how technological advancements will shape the future of call centers.

Revolutionizing Call Centers: The AI-Powered CRM Transformation

Juggling a growing influx of leads, providing personalized service across multiple channels, and maintaining high customer satisfaction can feel like an endless balancing act. But artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the call center industry by offering innovative solutions to these challenges and others. AI-powered customer relationship management (CRM) and CRM platforms are at the forefront of this transformation — with many call center leaders already using AI tools to improve efficiency, return on investment (ROI), and more.1 In this article, we look at five ways AI is influencing CRM and redefining call centers.

How to choose the best customizable CRM for your small business in 2024?

Best customizable CRMs offer tailored solutions for businesses, allowing them to modify features to fit specific needs. They enable customization of fields, integration with third-party tools, and automation of unique business tasks. This flexibility enhances productivity, customer experience, and data-driven decisions. Customizable CRMs suit various businesses, offering scalable solutions with minimal coding needs. They improve efficiency, personalization, and insights, catering to distinct sales and marketing strategies and customer satisfaction. Custom CRMs are ideal for businesses needing unique CRM capabilities.